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Pumkin Jam "Ensaimada"

The Menorcan "ensaimada" is faithful to the Mediterranean more traditional recipe. Those filled with "cabello de angel" (pumkin jam) are the most...


Chocolate "Ensaimada"

The "ensaimada" with chocolate cream filling is a true pleasure for the palate. Approximately for 8 servings. It occurs in octagonal box.


"Sobrasada Ensaimada"

The "sobrasada ensaimada" is the most perfect display of the symbiosis between two local products of our land. It is made with Menorcan "sobrasada"...


Menorcan "Ensaimada" ("Coca Bamba")

It is the "ensaimada" from Menorca par excellence, with higher mass and spongy taste. It is synonymous with holiday and horses on the island. It is...


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